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Advertising is more competitive than ever because small to medium size businesses today have endless advertising options. With the market saturated, media companies across all platforms report major losses because of under performing New Business Development every single month.  We know the difficulties that come from not meeting your corporate budget.  The good news is you no longer have to compromise value by giving away your advertising units for free or watching them go unused every month.  Now for the first time…we can offer you a new approach to sell your unsold inventory through advertising packages that you create and control.   


adBidtise handles the new business development side of things for you – by bringing the advertisers directly to you.  We are your Virtual Sales Person!


As you are well aware, business owners and marketing managers are more cautious with their investments, especially if they have lost money due to poor results in the past.  Now, they want to make informed decisions without worrying about who they can or can’t trust. adBidtise makes advertising exploration convenient with the touch of a computer or smart phone.  You can list your advertising packages in front of new advertisers who are pre-qualified to buy from you today.  It’s a win-win for both the buyer and the seller:


Benefits with a Free Seller’s Advertising Account

  • Generate qualified long-term leads for your business
  • Exposure to your platform to businesses who never knew you as an option
  • Represent your company in this pressure free environment
  • Hit your target budget for new business and grow your client base
  • Maximizing your unsold inventory into packages that benefit you and the buyer 
  • Opportunity to create lifelong clients


Our platform is unique because you present advertising packages to members who may not otherwise know what are all the advertising options available in your marketplace (or know what options are available to them for their budget or their needs).  To encourage first time advertising buyers to work with you, we recommend creating at least three options attractive enough for any small to mid-size business to afford – such as low, mid, and high end.  And please don’t overlook that some businesses might have significant budgets to spend.  As a Seller, you retain complete control over the advertising packages you make available, you control how long you list them, how many you want to make available to the marketplace, and you control what the package price will be based on your inventory availability and budget needs.


How It Works in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Open a free adBidtise seller’s account as part of our initial launch promotion.
  2. Create turnkey packages to upload to adBidtise (the adBidtise site guides you through the process).
  3. Once your package is sold, you will be notified via email.
  4. Payments will be sent weekly, minus negotiated fees.
  5. You have the freedom to convert customers into long-term clients.


Should you ever want to take a break – or if your organization runs out of inventory – you can temporarily remove your advertising packages from view and keep your membership active.   adBidtise will be here for you when you return if you have the need to fill your unsold inventory or your are lacking in New Business Development, simply log on and create your new advertising packages.  We have created a safe pressure free environment for businesses to do business today.  Only you and potential businesses that have an account have the ability to see your advertising packages. There is total support for you via email or toll free number if you have any questions.  Thank you for visiting our web site, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations!  Start generating New Business today, and let adBidtise help you meet your corporate budgets!  


The Process:

Open your FREE account as part of our initial launch promotion (limited time only). There is no obligation to sell any advertising packages until you are ready and have the open inventory.  

  1. You can begin selling advertising packages after your account is approved, once your credentials are verified that you are authorized to sell inventory at your company.  Generally, this takes up to 48 hours.
  2. Create turnkey packages to upload and sell to our advertising buyers. Packages are displayed under the “Shop Deals” page of the website. (The adBidtise site guides you how to create the advertising packages - the more information you can supply the better.)
  3. Once a package of yours is sold, you will be notified via email with the purchase details, buyer contact information, and next steps.
  4. Contact your buyer within 3 business days to get their advertising up and running, honoring the original terms of sale.  You will then have the freedom to convert this customer into a long-term client for your organization.
  5. Payments are made weekly to your business for all packages sold for the previous week.
  6. You have total control of your advertising packages and may remove, modify, or add packages at any time.  If you modify a current package, you have to honor those that have been sold before the modification.  You may also remove your packages from view if you run out of inventory or want to take a break from selling your available inventory.


Thank you for visiting adBidtise! Open your Free Seller’s account today and see all the New Business we can drive to your company NOW!


You can also check out our adBidtise Tutorial Here!

Answers to Questions you may have about adBidtise:

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