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Advertising + Options = EMPOWERMENT!

“Any Business not bringing in New Business, is going out of Business!” ~Warren Buffett


Advertising WORKS! With the Proper Commitment & Investment

Like losing weight, you will not see the results overnight - You have to commit to it and make the necessary investment in order to see the results!

Just like losing weight - There are NO MAGIC Pills or Quick FIX Programs. ~adBidtise


FACT: Doing NOTHING will FAIL your Business! Advertising offers your Business EXPOSURE and the ability to STAND OUT to get your piece of the pie!


FACT: There are over 28 Million Small Businesses in the US If your Business does not STAND OUT how will anyone find YOU or know what you have to offer?


FACT: Over 540,000 New Businesses start every month! Why do over 50% of new businesses choose not to advertise at all?


At adBidtise.. We get it.  Advertising is Confusing and Difficult to understand! There are a lot of advertising options available to you. With so many options, you want to make sure you’re getting "The Biggest Bang for Your Buck” – a great value for your hard earned advertising investment. Who has the time to research every possible advertising option available to you in your marketplace?  Furthermore, how can you know you’re investing in the right advertising platform to reach your ideal customers?  adBidtise can help you narrow down the options to the ones that best fit your budget and your needs.

adBidtise is your biggest advocate and we know the important role that advertising has for every business in order to stay in business or continue to grow. We will teach you about advertising and we will hold your hand and walk you though the advertising process so that you understand it and have confidence in the advertising you choose to do.

At adBidtise, we make choosing an advertising package easier than ever. We do all the dirty work for you by finding and negotiating affordable advertising packages from the various advertising companies in your marketplace. We make sure our advertising partners put their best foot forward and offer their best deals for your next advertising campaign. You’re never forced to buy any advertising package that won’t meet your budget needs. adBidtise is a buyer’s market for any business looking to save time and money while planning an advertising campaign.  


Every Business should have advertising options to fit their budget needs no matter what their budget is!


WHAT DO WE (adBidtise) DO?

We Advocate for YOU

We Represent YOU

We Negotiate for YOU

We Always have YOUR best interest

We help YOUR Business Grow



Benefits with a Free Advertising Buyer’s Account


  • GROW YOUR Business!
  • Increase Your Revenue - Make the Cash Register RING!
  • Get the EXPOSURE your Business Needs to Succeed!
  • Turn-Key discounted Advertising Packages
  • No Pressure to ever Buy Anything
  • See Reviews from other Buyers
  • Compare different advertising options apples to apples
  • Buy When you have a Need
  • No Budget Minimums
  • Total Control of your Advertising
  • Total support via email or toll free number
  • Free consultation available to you ANYTIME!


Business owners report to us that it’s difficult to know where to put their advertising dollars. That’s why adBidtise is the New Way to buy advertising.  With so many options at your fingertips, you can compare advertising packages that fit your business campaign budget needs.  You also have the ability to pick and choose when you want to use our service; if there is a need or interests you simply log in and check out the recommended advertising options on your account page or search the Shop Deals page and again there is no pressure to buy at any time.  Advertising packages will come and go all the time; as a member you will be alerted of any new ones that come into your marketplace, or you can request we find a particular advertising package for you at any time.  adBidtise was created to be your advocate and deliver all the advertising options to you in a safe and pressure free environment so that you can make a good business decision with it comes to advertising! 


Let us help your business survive, succeed and grow!  Open your FREE Buyer 's account today and take control of your business's success!


You can also check out our adBidtise Tutorial Here!

Answers to Questions you may have about adBidtise:

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