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adBidtise - "The New Way to Buy Advertising!"

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As a Business Owner you ONLY have 2 Options to Grow your Business:

1st Option is for you yourself to knock on doors or make calls and drive the traffic and awareness to your business. You pound the pavement.

Your 2nd Option is to pay for someone to do it for you ... either a sales person or some form of advertising.

There is NO 3rd Option.. If you don't do either your business will fail. ~adBidtise


Our Mission

To help businesses Survive, Succeed and GROW by educating & EMPOWERING small to mid size businesses about advertising, how it works and how it can HELP your business GROW.


“Any Business not bringing in new Business, is going out of Business!”  ~Warren Buffett


Who We Are

adBidtise is a virtual advertising marketplace to buy affordable advertising options. Advertising is a necessary investment in order to SURVIVE, SUCCEED & GROW your business today. adBidtise is the Kelly's Blue Book to advertising so that you can compare various advertising options apples to apples.


The #1 reason Businesses DON'T advertise is because they say they can't afford it! "You Can't afford NOT to advertise!" ~adBidtise


advertising + options = EMPOWERMENT!


adBidtise will teach you about advertising and we will hold your hand and walk you though the advertising process so that you understand it and have confidence in the advertising you choose to do. 


Every Business should have advertising options to fit their budget needs no matter what their budget is!


WHAT DO WE (adBidtise) DO?

We Advocate for YOU

We Represent YOU

We Negotiate for YOU

We Always have YOUR best interest

We help YOUR Business Grow



We offer FREE Advertising Evaluations with no obligations for you to do anything. We are your advocate and we are the Robin Hood of Advertising for Small to Mid Size Businesses.


Interested in Buying?

Explore a variety of advertising options with affordable turn-key package pricing to deliver your next campaign.  adBidtise is a safe, pressure free environment available to you when you are ready to explore your advertising options.


How can you be sure these advertising options are suitable for your business?  adBidtise has a very unique set of mechanics on the back end that through a critical survey matches you with a few recommended advertising options that are identified as the Best Fit for your business. You also have the option to see reviews from other businesses who have tried the various advertising options and offer their feedback to assure your confidence as well.


You may be thinking, “But, I have spent so much money on advertising, and it has not yielded any desired result!”  The truth is, not all advertising companies are suitable for your business.  Sometimes, the only difference between heavily patronized businesses and the ones struggling to gain popularity is not the quality of products or services but their advertising strategy.  The secret is to test different advertising platforms and use the ones that generate a return on your investment.  


Try adBidtise today as a Buyer and see the various advertising options that are available to you. We provide FREE advertising evaluations and it's's Free to open an account, you have no obligation to buy until you are READY.


We look forward to becoming your advertising resource and partner to help your business GROW.


Katherine Ramirez
Founder/ Creative CEO


How We Began

Advertising today is extremely competitive and there are so many options for small to mid size businesses to choose from. With adBidtise we will connect small business owners who are ready to buy advertising to advertising companies that are not being considered as an advertising platform because of access, price or just unawareness.  We are removing the bias from the marketplace and offering an environment that is more of a buyer's market for small to mid size businesses to explore advertising options.


adBidtise offers Affordable Advertising Options.


adBidtise is - "The NEW WAY to BUY Advertising!"


Our Founder

Katherine Ramirez, Founder and CEO

With over 25 years of career and entrepreneurial experience focused in Television Advertising Sales Management, advertising guru Katherine Ramirez offers expertise as a sought-after Advertising Consultant and Leader, with a particular focus in new business development. Adding more fuel to her credentials, she has proven savvy in Hispanic and ethnic marketing & advertising. Kat has helped thousands of Businesses in various cities survive, succeed and grow. 


Previously, Katherine’s advertising sales experience has covered five markets with three high-profile television stations. Her previous Sales Management markets include: WDJT CBS Milwaukee, WYTU Telemundo WI Milwaukee, KETV ABC Omaha, WBUW Madison’s CW, KWBQ/KASY Albuquerque, and WBXX-TV Knoxville. She launched her career as an Account Manager for five years with Roberts and Russell, Inc. Advertising Agency in Knoxville, TN. 


Following graduation from high school, Katherine was enlisted in the United States Air Force for four years. She then earned certification via the Executive Management Development Seminar at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and was a recipient of the NAB-MDS program. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Central Missouri.


Katherine is a member of The Better Business Bureau of WI, The Advertising Federation, The Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee, The Historic Third Ward Association, The EWGA, Local First Milwaukee and a number of area Chamber of Commerce Groups.


Katherine Ramirez
Founder/ Creative CEO


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